1. Raw materials are selected and carefully inspected.

Our purchasing policy is very strict choosing only the best raw materials from reliable suppliers. Every delivery is inspected for compliance with our standards.

2. Preparation and seasoning.

Ingredients are sliced, chopped, mixed and seasoned...Therefore our dishes have well known domestic, Slovenian flavour.

3. Cooking.

Dishes are cooked with the use of traditional cooking procedures and basic ingredients, just like at home kitchen.

 4. Naturally extended durability.

Products are thermally processed between 65˚ C and 98˚ C. Temperature destroys microorganisms and extends durability and safety of our dishes.

5. Delivery.

Products are packed and delivered to your local store.

6. Ready to be served. 

Chosen dish just needs to be heated and it's ready to eat, with no special effort, in just few minutes.

7. Standards.

All ingredients are carefully inspected to measure our highest quality standards (ISO, IFS, ASC, MSC, MAV).



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